Profile: Miniature Cities

Genre: electronica/ trip-hop
Sound: rhythmic, vibey, abstract, melancholic, electronic
For fans of: Massive Attack, Portishead, Bonobo, Trentemöller, Unkle

Miniature Cities

In search of a capturing tune that carries you away? Look no further. These guys’ mix of throbbing beats and tripping sounds will dance with your mind and consciousness. Let us take you away on a little trip to Miniature Cities.

The inhabitants of this little location are Joe Barnby (samples, beats, guitar, synth, lead vocals), Dan Hernandez (effects, guitar, backing vocals) and Alex McDowell (bass, backing vocals). Their backgrounds in neuroscience, psychology, art and philosophy coin their style and make them create multidimensional meanings within the stories they tell. Constructed of Hip Hop oriented vibes, beats and bass merging with electronic tunes and ethereal guitars. The results are sonic spaces, located between the conscious and the unconscious; just on the border of the awake and the asleep.

When playing live they manage to spread an energy that is absolutely contagious, not to say inescapable. Feet tappers guaranteed. Head nodders included. A walk through Miniature Cities features intense beats that conquer the room. Vocals, which are almost secretly whispered into your ear, will do the rest. Simply put, the bottom line is that the impact of a trip to Miniature Cities is not mini, but massive.

Fortunately Joe, Alex and Dan are in the studio producing even more of this good stuff just now. However, if you – like us – can’t wait for Miniature Cities’ EP ‘The Undercarriage’ to come out either, go see them live and let the beats catch you, too.

Tune into our show on Wired Radio this Sunday from 2-3pm when we will make Miniature Cities answer all our questions and present a little teaser of brand new material.

Watch, listen to and get in touch with Miniature Cities:

Next gig: Camden Proud on the 28th of Feb. Stay tuned for more events.

Other ways to access Miniature Cities: Website (Download three free songs by subscribing to their newsletter), Facebook, Youtube

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